Friday, 9 November 2012

Pranks Clean SMS

I have a disease. It's called awesomeness. But don't worry it's not contagious!

Eyes: To look at you;
Hands: To pray for you;
Mind: To care for you;
Heart: To love you and;
Legs: To kick you if you forget me.

Sometimes my mind asks:
Why I remember U?
Why I care 4 U?
Why I miss U?
Then my brain answers, "Psychiatry patients need more care".

Look at the Ocean & see God's abundance;
Look at the Sky & see God's glory;
Look at the Moon & see God's wonder;
Look at the Mirror & see God's blunder!

Every man dreams of a beautiful woman.
I am no different! So I . .. ... dream of your friend!

I Iove your smile becoz
My favorite colour is 'YELLOW'!

Look to the left, now look to the right. That's good. I just virtually slapped you.

Whomsoever I've ever irritated knowingly or by mistake.
Whatever I've done in the past was just a trailer, Baby!
Watch out the future!

I wrote your name on sand, it got washed.
I wrote your name on the clouds, it was blown away.
Then I wrote your name on my heart & I got a Heart Attack.

When you feel sad, just go to the mirror and say, "Damn, I really am so cute". This will cheer you up. But don't make this a habit coz liars go to hell.

"Am I Cute" Test:
Call me if I'm cute;
Miss Call if I'm gorgeous;
Text back if I'm pretty;
Text a joke if I'm charming;
Just ignore if U are jealous!

I have started luving 'U'. I know, it sounds ridiculous but I can't control my feelings for 'U'. Soon I'll start loving more ALPHABETS!

When U smile, the world smiles with U;
When U are down, people'll rally behind U;
But when U fart, U are alone coz people'll never stand by U!

Sincere Apology: If U don't like any of my SMS & don't like to read them, then plz don't hesitate, feel free to throw ur mobile!

Scientists all over the world are wondering how long a human being can live without a brain. So kindly tell them ur age.

What happened 2 ur network? I tried to call U but the operator said "Welcome 2 the jungle, the monkey U r trying to call is on the tree, Plz try later."

I wanted to kill the sweetest, smartest and most beautiful person on earth. Then it came to my mind that committing SUICIDE is a crime under Sec 309 IPC.

Look at the world around u;
U`ll see God`s creativity.
Look at the breakfast table;
U`ll see God`s providence.
Look at the mirror;
U`ll see God`s sense of humor.

Friendship is like peeing in ur pants. Everyone can see it but only U can feel it's true warmth. Thanks for being the pee in my pants.
You should do two things in the morning:
1) Pray to God so you can live
2) Have a shower so others can live.

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